You succeeded in making them love your brand. Now what?

We read everyday about listening to your customers so that you can get all the feedback and use that to improve your products and services. Very right – we need more of that, but today, let’s talk about the flip side of the coin – how about giving your customers a chance to thank you?

I read Dan and Chip Heath’s column in Fast Company the other day – “I love you. Now what?” where they talked about why companies make it so hard for us to say thank you.

Come to think of it – true, isn’t it?

Companies spend so much to get to us, huge billboards, banners on every online page we visit.

So we use their service and we like it, now what? We liked their product/service and we want to say thanks!

Why would I want to say thanks? Cause I always make sure that they get it when things are not what they are supposed to be!

Go ahead call me a tough customer! But you know as well as I do that we want things to be the way they are supposed to be – especially when we pay a fee for it!

I’m glad that someone in Malaysia is doing something about it

Maxis is the company I am talking about. I’m sure you’ve realized that every time you give their customer service a call, they send you a text message asking you to rate their staff.

That’s great – they are listening!

They are giving us – their users, a chance to criticize when things are not right and they are also giving us a chance to thank them when things are right… They are listening to both the good and the bad – the only thing we can hope is that they are doing something about all that feedback…

Nike Plus – another product that I am in total awe of (but you already know that after reading so many Nike Plus posts in my blog). I love that product, I want to say thanks. No just thanks – but a BIG HUGE thanks – but how do I? Post it in the forum? Nah… I wanna reach someone who came up with the idea and tell him/her – “You Rock!!!”

I hope I get want that chance… *hint hint*

Well, now that Nike has something to think about, how about you? Do you give your customers a chance to thank you?



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