Who do you follow?

I read this great post by David Cushman on How We Are Made Great and the way he made his selection on who to follow in Twitter got me thinking…

Who do you follow on twitter?

When I started out with twitter, I liked what my friends were telling me about their dogs and where they were planning to go after work while I was slugging away on my reports. It was fun… I added everyone I barely knew and wanted to know what was up with them, but then slowly it got stale; I started to read selected tweets and stopped following people who didn’t capture my attention…

I didn’t want to know “What are you doing?” anymore (except from few personal friends). I wanted to know “What *information* did people whom I followed had to share with me?”

I did think it was kinda mean of me, but little did I know at that point that the whole social ecosystem had already started to evolve...

I’m sure you have read a lot of blog posts (for example) which talk about how to tweet and it resonated with me and I’m sure it did with you too

I realized that I enjoyed tweets of chrisbrogan, jowyang, stevecla, guykawasaki, shelisrael, frankarr, lokeuei, anguslogan, etc. They made me think, they gave me information, they showed me cool informative pics and pointed out interesting things around the world to me.

Of course I like to read tweets from people who I know on a more personal basis like alexisc, wwegner, digory, arsyan, bgoldy, MossyBlog, shanemo, lvchong, etc.

Now quite a few people add me in twitter (no, not thousands…) and the question is who to follow?

We all follow friends of course…

But what about those spammers?

While I was mentally preparing myself to answer this question Matt Balara already wrote a pretty neat entry to answer it



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  1. Hi Rohan, thanks for the link. Will check I’m following you on twitter! best dc

  2. Viv says:

    Hi Rohan – thanks for this great post followed it through to Matt Balara’s post on Tribal Etiquette.



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