TechEd SEA 2008 DEV Proctor Training

If you are a dev proctor in TechEd SEA 2008 – make sure you come to the proctor training (as per the emails you should have received by now)

The Proctor Leads (Codename – SPARTANS) will be there to welcome you.

The SPARTANS have worked very hard these past 2 weeks in ensuring that all the labs are set up for you guys

Last week we prepared for IT PRO proctor training and it was awesome

And this week the SPARTANS have been busy preparing for the DEV proctor training – unfortunately I am in Seattle and can’t participate in the fun.

But the SPARTANS have been very dedicated in making sure that everything goes smoothly and I firmly believe it will…

Let me know how it goes after the DEV proctor training…

Enjoy 🙂



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