TechEd Preparation (Part1)

From Left: Jin Lim, Glenn Charles, Verat, Rohan Thomas, TC

So, all of us have been working hard day and night for TechEd – yes, I know that phrase is over used – but seriously – we have been working during weekdays, during Saturdays, Sundays, during days, during nights.

I kid you not – the dreams that I had yesterday during my 3 hour sleep was about TechEd!

The dreams that I had the day before was about Virtual Machine testings!

Now that I have given you an idea of how hard we are working let’s see what we have achieved so far.

First, who is we?


  1. Glenn Charles (newly appointed SilverKnight)
  2. Bernard Huen
  3. Verat (SilverKnight)
  4. Jin Lim
  5. LV Chong (SilverKnight)
  6. plus others who helped out including other SilverKnights(Daqing) and Malaysian Community members(Kok Wei)!

You guys rock! I have to give it to you for stepping up to this consuming task! You guys truly amaze me!

So now that you know who “we” are, let me continue with the story.

Finally after many late nights, we got all the content for TechEd tested!

Now came the testing period, we called all the proctors who are helping us for the IT Pro labs to come and test run thru the labs. That took up whole of Sat and Sun. I am so glad that with the help of “we”, everything went smoothly…

Stay tuned for more updates 🙂

some coffee to take a break?

Messy messy…

Kok Wei helping to test the labs

LV happy as usual…

testing almost done.. why not a group photo.. and why not try to fly with one hand while holding a coffee in the other?

Jin making some serious plans for the whole testing period

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