TechEd Content Testing – Day 1

So it begins…

The Tech-Ed content testing day!

We had some proctors who came over for testing and of course – The SilverKnights were there as always lending a hand 🙂

The day didn’t start off as expected – the machines didn’t arrive on time – but the proctors did 🙂

Then one of the hard disks that we were testing on crashed 🙁

Anyway, we continued and managed to do a little testing and did set up the machines for the next 3 days of testing.

The laptops are sponsored by FTEC and are equipped with 4GB RAM each providing easy testing of the Virtual Machines

More hardcore testing to come in the next 3 days – stay tuned…


Ahh… How long does it take to copy over 200 GB of data from one harddisk to another?

Hmm… Tasty Dinner…

So much stuff to keep in the safety box…

Dinner for day 1

Check out this laptop… Who does it belong to? Rohan of course… That sticker junkie…

Tons of fun “INSID” ?

Yea, we get it… You guys are having a lot of “fun”…

Comments (3)

  1. kromoe says:

    i think we need more proctors, more machines, for more testing ~

    cheers, bro ~

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    noted, so if you guys are listening, drop me a note and drop by 🙂

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