A growing Malaysia

Last week I met up with our partner Cyber Village to present Silverlight 2

So what has that got to do with the title?

Allow me to explain, recently I have been noticing a lot of things in Malaysia which defy the stereotypes a lot of us might have about Asian countries!

If you are wondering what I am talking about check out my previous posts on IDEA Session, Facebook in Malaysia, our collaboration with LimKokWing University, local game developer, etc.

Yes, Malaysia is evolving! And Malaysians are making this growth happen at a pretty good rate! Oh yes, by the way, I’m loving it and hope you are too 🙂

So, about the partner that I met – Cyber Village Sdn Bhd; I went in just as I would to any meeting – super hyped up 😛

And so it began, I started taking about Silverlight in a room packed with developers, designers and management guys.

I was so thrilled to realize that the management was so bent on improving their staff – throughout the session, the E-Business Director – Shieh Yee Bing, kept bridging the gap between me and her staff!

She so wanted to make sure that whatever I spoke was well understood by her staff and that the staff could relate it back to what they were working on.

Talk about management excellence…

So, after my presentation, I got into a chat with her and was pleasantly surprised to find her willingness to improve products offered by their company not only in terms of functionality but also User Experience – but yet in the middle of all this, growing the skill set of the staff was on the main theme of our conversation.

How do I know it was not all talk?

While I was leaving (around 5PM), the developers and designers were yet again starting to gather in the same room. Why? Because they had a scheduled technology sharing session that was about to start!

Yes, you read that right! Their very own community sharing session… I’ve never seen that in Kuala Lumpur – way to go guys.

I am so excited to work with these guys in the coming months! I’m sure the results are worth looking forward for…

Fun times ahead 🙂


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On a lighter note, the parking was a challenge!

After waiting for sometime, I decided to park on top of the walkway – blocking the lift!

Believe me; I had no choice 😉



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  1. Verat says:

    dude, be a spartan, don’t lar cover the number plates.. hahaha

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