It’s show time!

I am sitting here in PSDC @ Penang, Malaysia, waiting for my colleague to finish her presentation. After which I will be speaking on Silverlight 2.

After doing so many presentations, you come to realize that this is similar to show business, but instead of depicting fiction or unattainable feats, we present the future; the possibilities!

We show what tools can do, what technology can achieve, what are the wonders that the world is creating using technology, how developers and designers can achieve collaboration and what are the possibilities that people can achieve today!

Presentation does require a lot of work as I am starting to realize; I started off with a lot of decks that float around, making fine changes to it, exchanging slides between two decks, etc. After all, just need to get the point across right?


I’ve realized that the self-made decks with creative ideas can bring you much further and makes you feel really good and confident and helps you when it comes to public speaking.

Josh Holmes, a fellow Microsoft Employee in US has been writing some awesome entries on public speaking which I am a total fan of!

Awesome work Josh!

So why this blog entry instead of prepping myself for my talk that starts in 8 mins?

Well… Yesterday I conducted a class in Penang for our START.NET initiative and I used a deck that I prepared with a lot of work and a lot of time (seriously a lot of time and thinking!)

And I realized that some of those guys who attended my training yesterday are going to be here too!

Can I repeat the presentation? I struggled over this answer for a long time and as much as I wanted to say yes, I just couldn’t 🙁

So instead of catching some good sleep while I am in Penang, I spent time creating a new deck!

As I am sitting here waiting for my turn (in about 5 mins) I am feeling good about my decision 🙂

I’m up, wish me luck…

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