Self Provisioning Portal (SPP)

The Self Provisioning Portal (SPP) is finally released in RC1 on CodePlex!

The Self Provisioning Portal (SPP) is a project resulting from a collaborative effort between Mint and Microsoft. It was built on the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) platform. Essentially, it is a portal framework that allows end users to create a site of their own that they then maintain at their leisure, via user friendly interfaces and templates. Basic template pages are provides (such as home, about us, contact us), and the user has the option to create as many pages as required.

As it runs on the MOSS platform, it is a robust solution that can manage large-scale deployments and also harness the power of SharePoint through search, aggregation of content, multiple language support etc. We have included deployment documentation, as well as advice on how to scale this solution out.

For those asking, yes, it's open source 🙂

Check it out here

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