When will Twitter monetize?

The latest answer? 2009! Frustrating isn’t it? The whole world seems to be waiting for that to happen and a quick search online shows that others have went thru the trouble of strategizing ways for twitter to monetize! People even *want* to pay for this free service and are suggesting that twitter comes up with…


Nike got it right with it’s Social Network – but is Nike listening?

I’ve posted many times on my blog(here, here and here) how Nike’s Social Network (http://nikeplus.nike.com) has been rocking my world. Now Business Week has more insight on that here Clearly this phenomenon has proven itself and is moving full speed ahead and others are trying to play catch up… Don’t get me wrong, I’m very…


Is Timing a factor in the Success of Facebook?

We all love facebook, but is it just because it’s something we never had? Really? Before facebook, there were many and quite a few of them succeeded. But facebook and myspace redefined success – and then there were not so many… If you think about it, friendster was doing pretty well… Orkut too… and many…


How fast will you go Digital?

Considering the green revolution, I bet pretty fast! As individuals start having elevated awareness of the environment, as corporations start digitizing and reducing their carbon footprint, As we really start caring, we will walk towards that much awaited digital era faster and faster. But apart from environment factor, there is something else that’s wooing us…


IE8 Presentation on Innovation Day – 12th Nov 2008

I’m sure quite a few of you have been using IE8 now. I’m personally a huge fan of it, awesome features. Thanks to everyone who attended my talk on IE8 during Innovation day and here is the slide deck for it. Enjoy! Technorati Tags: IE8,Internet Explorer,IE,Rohan Thomas


Personal Responsibility

I liked Seth Godin’s post on Reacting, Responding and Initiating. It kinda made me stop and reflect. Recently I have been stretching myself to just about everywhere, non stop events, event on weekends, preparing for client meetings in the weekends, getting SilverCamp together, replying to my plethora of emails, you name it! But at the…


Twitter makes you ineffective almost always…. NOT!!!!!!

That was my attempt at humor with a ‘not’ joke… Tyson recently introduced me to the manager tools. It’s a cool site and I do like their podcasts, a little long winded but they do have some great stuff in there. Recently I came across this entry –> “Twitter, I don’t like it” which starts…


Speaking at Kyoorius Designyatra ‘08 Malaysia

On what? UX of course! Check out http://www.designyatra.com  Also check out the great speaker line up –> http://www.designyatra.com/Speakers.html  So who is gonna be there? 🙂 Rohan Thomas | Senior Web Platform and UX Technology Advisor ping me: +603.2179.6834 | mobile: +601.7264.2969 | fax: +603.2179.6834 blogs: internal: http://msblogs/rohant | external: www.rohanthomas.com follow me: im: rohanthomas@live.com |…


Obama Wins!… Marketer of the year

Are you really that surprised? Obama knew exactly what America needed and he brought it to the table. At while he was at at, he also employed every strategy including social media tools – Web 2.0. Check out what happened at ANA gathering Obama used Facebook, MyBatanga, LinkedIn and Twitter and also created his social…


How much would you spend for the good of your country? (CSR)

Tough Question? Not for Starbucks! Starbucks has been running this commendable campaign to encourage Americans to vote! Cost to Starbucks? Cost of running the campaign of course, plus a possibility of serving approximately 300 million tall cups of coffee!! Surprised? Well, those are the numbers if everyone in America were to take Starbucks up on…