So you want to rip your DVDs using Expression Encoder?

Very Easy 🙂 One of my customer who wanted to do this with a lot of DVDs asked me this question. First go and install the mpeg2 wmp plugin (Elecard MPEG2 Decoder and Streaming PlugIn for WMP) from which comes with a free 21 day trial. Second, get the ac3 filter from sourceforge (search)….


So how safe is your bet on Silverlight, WPF and .NET 3.0?

So a lot of customers ask me this question. How safe is it to bet on Silverlight and .NET 3.0? Is Silverlight a part of any job description yet? A diagram is worth a thousand words 😉   Technorati tags: Silverlight, WPF, .net 3.0


MIX 08 is here!

And check out this and other cool Bling at Technorati tags: MIX 08


Bad User Experience

I installed Tubes in my machine, yes it did work once when I needed it but now this? I pushed ‘No’ a 100 times but it keeps popping up after every 1 minute or so! *frustrated* Very bad User Experience! Tubes Uninstalled! Technorati tags: Bad User Experience, User Experience, Rohan Thomas


This is how DPE Malaysia rolls…. Yea Baby!

Twitter roll: Tyson Dowd Hoong Fai Ian Su Tang Poh Sze Winnie Dalena Walter Wong ChiaYee Azra Technorati tags: DPE, DPE Malaysia, Twitter


WL Quick Apps now comes with Contoso ISV

A very cool Contoso ISV App with super cool Silverlight video running style (see it running here) now comes along with WL Quick Apps. Check it out! Technorati tags: WL Quick Apps, Cool, Silverlight, Bluelight


Windows Live Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 first public CTP is here!

  I love my Visual Studio…. Especially when it looks like this: Beautiful…. As you can see, there are 4 controls included in this CTP (click the links below to check out the references) Contacts Control IDLogin Control IDLoginView Control SilverlightStreamingMedia Control Can’t wait to get my hands dirty! Download your copy of the Community…