Master Data Management, Microsoft, and Stratature

Master Data Management, Microsoft, and Stratature


If you’re a regular reader, you are aware that I have been blogging about MDM for about a year now.  I’m very excited by the news that Microsoft acquired Stratature last week for two reasons – I think it’s a great move for Microsoft and it means that I am now the second employee on the Microsoft MDM team.  We picked up a great team with many years of MDM experience in the Stratature team so we already have a solid MDM product team in place and we’re hiring as fast as we can get interviews done.


If you have read my blog and white papers on MDM you know that I think an MDM hub is the key to a successful MDM implementation and Stratature has one of the best MDM hubs out there.  It supports meta-data driven schema for entity management, sophisticated hierarchy management, versioning, business rules, and workflow.  When we combine this with the rest of the Microsoft platform – SSIS, BizTalk, WCF, WF, SharePoint, InfoPath, etc. we will have one of the most complete MDM offering available.


The Stratature team has many years of experience in BI and data management and a solid base of current MDM customers.  Most of their customers are large enterprises with very demanding requirements.  I’m not sure which ones are public but the WebSite lists McKesson, GlaxoSmithKline, and Tiger Brands (a very large South African company).  This injection of MDM experience will be a tremendous kick start for the Microsoft MDM efforts.


If you have questions about our MDM effort, we have established an email alias that you can use.  As we get further into the process and have more information available, I’ll post it here.

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  1. Much of the excitement, praise, and good publicity for PerformancePoint Server rises from its ability

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