MDM – Scaling Out Matching

MDM – Scaling Out Matching   It’s been a long time since my last post but I’ve been pretty busy figuring out how IT works.  As you might expect, one of the hardest things has been learning all the new acronyms.  Not only that but some of the acronyms I thought I knew mean different…



Changes   This isn’t one of my more typical technical posts so if you’re looking for profound technical insights you can skip the rest of this.  This summer I went through a career change that will probably impact what I blog about so I thought I should share it with my readers.  As many of…


New Master Data Management White Paper Series

New Master Data Management White Paper Series   My friend Tyler Graham is writing a series of white papers on the practical aspects of implementing an MDM system.  The first three are available here:  Tyler came to Microsoft as part of the Stratature acquisition so he has a lot of experience in implementing MDM…


Choosing MDM Hub styles

Choosing MDM Hub styles   A couple weeks ago, someone asked me how to choose which MDM hub style would work best for an application.  I thought I had covered this in one of my white papers but I couldn’t find a good reference to give him so I thought I would write up something…


Post Mortems

One of my pet peeves is that after we ship something we normally have a Post Mortem meeting to discuss what we should learn from the experience.  I’m not against the meeting.  I think they’re great and we learn a lot.  Sometimes we even have pizza!  What bugs me is the name Post Mortem.  This…


Master Data is not Metadata

Master Data is not Metadata   I regularly get emails from people asking about the Microsoft Metadata story.  While I assume that’s mainly confusion over the MDM acronym which could reasonably be interpreted as Metadata Management as well as Master Data Management, there’s also enough overlap between Master Data and Metadata to lead to confusion. …


Master Data Management Philosophy

Master Data Management Philosophy   Last week I did a presentation that included a slide on my philosophy for MDM so I decided to expand that slide into a blog post.  While this is my philosophy, I think it comes pretty close to the way the rest of the MDM product team looks at MDM. …


New Microsoft MDM Web Site

Check out the new Microsoft MDM web site: 


Gartner MDM Conference

Gartner MDM Conference   I just got back from the Gartner MDM Conference.   I learned a lot and had the chance to talk to a lot of people about MDM and what they are doing in their organizations.  Maybe it was because of the sample I happened to talk to but it seems like a…


Analytical and Transactional MDM

Analytical and Transactional MDM   I was talking to someone about Analytical and Transactional MDM recently and we realized that while there are quite a few conceptual differences between the two, there’s a significant amount of overlap in the implementation details.  For my purposes, I’ll define Analytical MDM as the processes and tools to manage…