WebTestPlugin: AddDaysToCurrentDate

A simple WebTestPlugin that Adds specified number of days to the current date.

[Description("WebTestPlugin that adds a specified number of days to the current date and stores the new date in a Context Parameter that you specify. Overrides PreWebTest")]

public class AddDaysToCurrentDate : WebTestPlugin


public AddDaysToCurrentDate()


DaysToAdd = 1;

ContextParameterName = "FutureDate";


public override void PreWebTest(object sender, PreWebTestEventArgs e)


//TODO: Adjust the date format to obtain output needed. Search C# DateTime.Now Formats for examples and msdn documentation

//Example: FutureDate=Saturday, August 18, 10:49:21, 2012

//e.WebTest.Context[ContextParameterName] = DateTime.Now.AddDays(DaysToAdd).ToString("dddd, MMMM dd, HH:mm:ss, yyyy");

e.WebTest.Context[ContextParameterName] = DateTime.Now.AddDays(DaysToAdd).ToString();


[Description("Number of days to add to the current date. Default value is 1.")]


public double DaysToAdd { get; set; }

[Description("Context Parameter that will hold the new date value. Default value is 'FutureDate'.")]


public string ContextParameterName { get; set; }




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