Stepping off the fence, and joining the blogging world

I have just created my first blog (March 16,2009), and now the fun part, I need to figure out what topics I would like to write about.

 I think I will start out with a couple of posts related to:

  • Methodology of practical performance testing - what I have found effective

  • Specific topics about using Visual Studio Team System:

    • LoadTests Settings

    • LoadTest Plugins

    • WebTest Plugins

    • Rules - Extraction and Validation

    • Helpful Hints and Ideas

I plan to have the first item posted by March 20, 2009.

Comments (2)

  1. Robert, you are amazing! You are the best problem solver and adviser I have ever seen in MSDN forums.

  2. rogeorge says:

    Thanks so much Billking08!

    I am having a great time helping folks out in the MSDN forums, and each new post helps to push my own knowledge further or makes me think about new problems.

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