After updating SharePoint 2013 to November 2017 CU or later you may not be able to open documents with Office

*** UPDATED TO INCLUDE Stefan Gossner and Adam Soreson’s INPUT *** Symptom After updating SharePoint 2013 to November 2017 CU from a previous version you will not be able to open Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) but other types of documents like .txt and .pdf files can be opened. There is no indication of the…


Considerations for NetTcpBinding/NetNamedPipeBinding you may not be aware

  NetTcpBinding is a strange beast and chances are you will encounter several problems in production you never experienced in development or staging phases. The information you will see here will be either fragmented or hidden in the fine print throughout  MSDN documentation. Considerations about net.tcp binding   Port Sharing Net.tcp services using shared port…


Displaying Http Requests from Self-Hosted WCF Services

  This is a short one, I promise. A colleague was complaining that NetExt command !whttp was not displaying the active/finished requests on a dump file he was sure it was processing http requests. The truth is that the process was not w3wp.exe (IIS Worker Process) but rather a self-hosted WCF service. The command !whttp…


Getting started with NetExt

  DISCLAIMER: NetExt is a free and open source WinDBG application that makes .NET debugging much easier as compared to the current options: sos or psscor. This extension is not a Microsoft product and limited support is provided only via its codeplex page. For now I am the only architect/developer, so you may experience delays…


Verifying current calls and sessions during runtime

  One of the WCF strengths is the flexibility to allow different configuration combinations. One of the WCF weakness is this configuration flexibility that may lead to a final results different from the expected. Some of the problems we see with our customers are related to actual configuration versus expected configuration. Let me give a…


Console Application to discover Effective Named Pipe Path of a WCF net.pipe Endpoint

As I have promised in my previous post, I am making available a C++ console application to troubleshoot named pipes endpoints in WCF. Below is a screenshot of the application:   Application logic: It gets the endpoint from the command line and substitute the host name by +, * depending on the wildcard mode. It…


Named Pipes in WCF are named but not by you (and how to find the actual windows object name)

If Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) implementation has its own idiosyncrasies, named pipes provider is the champion. First, let’s start with the name of the provider. Named Pipes in Windows can be used to communicate between process on the same machine or between different machines across a network. WCF only implements the on-machine part of it….