Step by step video on how to fix the SharePoint Workflow issue caused by .NET patch

This post is a continuation of this previous post. It is also an extension of KB4465015. The video assumes you read the previous post and/or KB. The page to the scripts mentioned in the video can be found here:    


SharePoint 2013/2016 Usage Reports fail to show the correct number of clicks from anonymous access

Symptom When using a Search Center with anonymous access, click statistics do not compute correctly for anonymous access but registers other user’s accesses properly. ULS logs will show entries like this: w3wp.exe SharePoint Foundation CSOM ajwqj Medium Request does not have SPBasePermissions.UseRemoteAPIs permission. Need to check it when each API is accessed Repro Steps Set…


Leveraging the new WinDbgX and Time-Travel-Trace –Script to list all access to files

  WinDbg Preview a.k.a. WinDbgX aesthetically looks like a marriage between Visual Studio (VS) and WinDbg, however VS and WinDbg have not many things in common. For me, this is the good news. The bad news is that the support for managed code is as limited as WinDbg’s. You can download the preview here:…


Creating DebugDiag rule to generate SharePoint process dump based on ULS Tags

SharePoint has a very comprehensive and configurable diagnostic logging infrastructure known as ULS logs. Most of the ULS log entries include a unique tag called eventId . This tag is a 32-bits field containing only letters and numbers (e.g.. e5mc). This tag can help identify which portion of the code emitted the log. It is…


Creating a Web Application using Kerberos as authentication instead of NTLM in SharePoint 2010 programmatically via PowerShell

If you have ever tried to programmatically create a Web Application using Kerberos as authentication provider you noticed that the Authentication Provider resets to NTLM. The cmdlet to create a new Web Application is New-SPWebApplication (or New-SPWebApplicationExtension to extending an exixting one) which comes with the toggle parameter to disable Kerberos authentication (DisableKerberosAuthentication). It happens,…


Org Chart Web Part – Part I – Overview and Download

In this post we are going to explore User Profiles by extending the Organizational Hierarchy in MOSS. I’ve posted in Codeplex both installer and code for the Organizational Chart Hierarchy web part. This post will only discuss installation and configuration. I will discuss the code in posts to come. What this webpart does: This web…


Populating BDC fields from a query string in MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server) 2007

Whomever tried to populate a MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server) form field using Javascript noticed that it is far from being straightforward. The secret is in the undocumented core.js After a client’s request I was able to come up with a not so-intrusive Javascript solution. You have to open the site in Sharepoint Designer, navigate…