Step by step video on how to fix the SharePoint Workflow issue caused by .NET patch

This post is a continuation of this previous post. It is also an extension of KB4465015. The video assumes you read the previous post and/or KB. The page to the scripts mentioned in the video can be found here:    


SharePoint 2013/2016 Usage Reports fail to show the correct number of clicks from anonymous access

Symptom When using a Search Center with anonymous access, click statistics do not compute correctly for anonymous access but registers other user’s accesses properly. ULS logs will show entries like this: w3wp.exe SharePoint Foundation CSOM ajwqj Medium Request does not have SPBasePermissions.UseRemoteAPIs permission. Need to check it when each API is accessed Repro Steps Set…


Leveraging the new WinDbgX and Time-Travel-Trace –Script to list all access to files

  WinDbg Preview a.k.a. WinDbgX aesthetically looks like a marriage between Visual Studio (VS) and WinDbg, however VS and WinDbg have not many things in common. For me, this is the good news. The bad news is that the support for managed code is as limited as WinDbg’s. You can download the preview here:…


WinDBG Extension written completely in C#

A lot of good and competent people shy away from writing their own WinDbg extension because of the difficultyto prepare a native C++ DLL using the right APIs to interact with WinDbg. So this post is to get you started to writing your own extension using a proof-of-concept extension that can analyze manage dumps (as…


Considerations for NetTcpBinding/NetNamedPipeBinding you may not be aware

  NetTcpBinding is a strange beast and chances are you will encounter several problems in production you never experienced in development or staging phases. The information you will see here will be either fragmented or hidden in the fine print throughout  MSDN documentation. Considerations about net.tcp binding   Port Sharing Net.tcp services using shared port…


Pure Native C++ consuming .NET classes without COM registration

  One of the problems that many C++ native developers face when interacting with .NET is the inability to load a .NET COM Dll and use the COM classes without registering the DLL. I faced this problem when adapting the debugging NetExt from pure C++ to pure C++/.NET. As the idea of an extension is…


Windows 10 Preview does not allow you to change a network from public to private

  *** UPDATE: This morning my Microsoft colleague Regan Murphy who is Technical Evangelist pointed me out that Windows 10 indeed can change from public to private via U (thank you Regan)I. I am posting his response below. I am keeping the original post as it may be useful for bulk changes and for System…


First NetExt custom command added by the community – !wsocket

  James Davis is a big shot in the debugging community and maintains a hard core blog of his experiences. Just soon after NetExt came back online he contacted me via the blog with some very particular questions, the kind of question only seasoned debuggers (and debug extension writers) know how to ask. He focused…