First NetExt custom command added by the community – !wsocket


James Davis is a big shot in the debugging community and maintains a hard core blog of his experiences. Just soon after NetExt came back online he contacted me via the blog with some very particular questions, the kind of question only seasoned debuggers (and debug extension writers) know how to ask. He focused on writing a custom command for NetExt to list TCP socket details. NetExt comes with a companion file with a tree of commands and my support for sockets was just a query in the command tree. To get started with NetExt, check this out:

He quickly understood how to make changes in the source code available at codeplex:

I may have given him a pointer or two on how to leverage the framework built for NetExt but he mostly got it right from the get go. I was planning to write a few blog entries explaining how to improve NetExt, however he beat me by releasing this amazing post of his experience first:

This is how the command looks like:

0:011> !wsocket -uniqip ====================================================================================== System.Net.Sockets.SocketIP Address Summary

IP Address   Count 3

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