Presenting MOSS Support Explorer (Not even Beta Yet)

There are some occasions in the course of work as Support Escalation Engineer in Microsoft that we rely heavily in analyzing SharePoint metadata. Installing software in a production environment is a no-no for most companies (or at least it requires a change control request). I had put together a few features in an Explorer like SharePoint GUID that uses web-services and thus does not have to be installed in the server (any desktop will do). The way it is now, it is still very incipient but it enables you to verify most of internal metadata of lists definition and results sets. I had put it in codeplex a long time a go and planned to get back to work with it again soon. This time actually never came. Now, a friend in Australia volunteered to help me finish the application. I am also bringing this back to life because a colleague here at Microsoft, Yuri Diogenes, from the Security Team worked with me in a MOSS/ISA issue and found the application helpful to identify Alternate Access Mapping (AAM) and Host Headers issues. The application let's you choose your authentication mode with SharePoint (User/Password, Current User or Certificate).


After connecting, it lists all site collection lists and libraries:


Including the metadata internals:


You can download it here:


The full source code is also included. Please noticed that this is a personal project I put in Codeplex. This is not a Microsoft Product.

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