Hinv Not Being Updated But Sinv Data Is Up-To-Date

This blog will focus on a common problem that many customers have experienced over the past year related to inventory. If you have ever had to trouble figuring out why software inventory was reporting and not hardware inventory then I recommend you review this blog.


  • Hardware Inventory not being updated for several SMS clients but Software inventory data is up-to-date.

  • 10 clients all reporting to the same SMS 2003 SP2 Primary Site server and Management Point.

  • Half (5) of the clients are only returning software inventory.

  • Half of the client (5) are returning both hardware inventory and software inventory.



1. Reviewed the InventoryAgent.log in the Windows\system32\ccm\log folder from one of the clients not reporting hardware inventory

 Inventory: Successfully sent report. Destination:mp:MP_HinvEndpoint, ID: {2B5ED4EC-4F6F-4184-8FC3-3EE38BBCDAB1}, Timeout: 80640 minutes

The InventoryAgent.log file states that the operation was successful

2. Reviewed the CCMExec.log


            OutgoingMessage(Queue='mp_mp_hinvendpoint', ID={2B7C0956-B1EA-474D-B1D8-EC8484582B2A}): Started upload to 'http://SMSSERVER/CCM_Incoming/{2B7C0956-B1EA-474D-B1D8-EC8484582B2A}'.       CcmExec  3/21/2007 12:46:32 seconds. CcmExec  3/21/2007 12:46:37 PM              4708 (0x1264)

            OutgoingMessage(Queue='mp_mp_hinvendpoint', ID={2B7C0956-B1EA-474D-B1D8-EC8484582B2A}): In pending state, will retry in 300 seconds.                  CcmExec  3/21/2007 12:48:07 PM              4708 (0x1264)


The CCMExec.log file will show that the operations is constantly retrying to place the Hardware Inventory file on the Management Point


3. MPFDM.log & Dataldr.log file never show the Hardware inventory file from the MP_Hinvendpoint is placed on the MP.

The .msg files are located in the C:\WINNT\system32\CCM\ServiceData\Messaging\OutgoingQueues\mp_mp_hinvendpoint 


4. I could NOT ping the NetBIOS name of the SMS 2003 SP2 primary site server from the clients that is reporting ONLY software inventory
C:\ ping SMSServer

Ping request could not find host SMSSERVER. Please check the name and try again.

Could ping the NetBIOS name of the SMS 2003 SP2 primary site server from the clients that is reporting both hardware and software inventory

The only difference was the dns.microsoft.com DNS suffix setting was not configured on the SMS client ONLY reporting Software Inventory.  



  • By default we use DNS to connect to MP when the files are over 100k.

  • A Design Change Request has been filed to allow the client to revert back to NETB IOS name.

  • Software inventory usually report because the files are small; hardware inventory can fail when the files are larger than 100k and you are not using the DNS suffix as the workaround.



  •  Change the client DNS suffix







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