Breaking changes in Windows Azure Storage

Hi Everyone,

The Windows Azure Storage team has been working on improving performance and stability of Azure Storage. But like any good omelet, you sometimes accidentally break a few eggs.

In preparation for a major feature release such as CORS, JSON etc. we are pushing an update to production that introduced some bugs. We were notified recently about these bugs and plan to address in an upcoming hotfix. We will update this blog once the fixes are pushed out.

Windows Azure Storage Known Issues (November 2013):

In some cases, you break the eggs intentionally.

In preparation for adding JSON support to Windows Azure Tables, we are pushing an update that introduces a few breaking changes for Windows Azure Tables. We strive hard to preserve backward compatibility and these changes were introduced due to dependencies we have on WCF Data Services.

Windows Azure Tables Breaking Changes (November 2013):


So heads up, might want to be proactive on this one.

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