Getmusic from Universal Music on Windows Phone!

I was checking out some of the apps on the Windows Phone marketplace. I came across this gem and realised that it has just been released. It’s called Getmusic. (Getmusic web site: ) It’s a music player / service where not only can you listed to music you have, but you can download and purchase new tunes right from the app. Sure, you can do that with Zune, but with this one, you can also purchase merchandise from bands and other bits. It’s all fully available in Australia and even aimed at the Australian Market!!

A couple cool points:

This is a first for Windows Phone in Australia – the first Australia music download service

This is a first for Universal – it’s their first app in Australia for ANY device including Android and iphone / ipad )

Finally a music app for a device that treats Australia as a first class citizen! Sweet!

If you have your Zune marketplace setup for your phone, here’s the link to the app: (copy and paste into your browser or Start-> Run  zune://navigate/?appID=0aac74ea-eb24-e011-854c-00237de2db9e

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