Another try with OneNote 2010 as a Blog Writer

I'm a Windows Live Writer fan by habit. It works well and does everything I need.

But now that I'm on Office 2010, I want to see how well OneNote works. I use OneNote a lot at work and for client meetings. It's great for any research and interviews I have to do as well.

So now, is it a world class blog post writer?

How does it handle Images:




Well, if you just chuckled, then it worked pretty well.

How about Font Changes.

So let's see how this worked…



Comments (5)

  1. rprimrose says:

    Ha, not so well then 🙂

  2. RockyH says:

    Ah, I didn't set up the FTP image store. And our new platform has real storage problems at the moment.

  3. RockyH says:

    So it works ok, IF you make sure you set up image posting correctly. 😉

  4. AngieL says:

    I just used OneNote successfuly publishing to a SharePoint 2010 site. Worked beautifully with hyperlinks, images, and font changes.

  5. RockyH says:

    Very cool. I have to try it again and see if it works with our Community Server implementaiton here.

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