Finally Azure available in Australia (and 40 other countries)

For those of you who were waiting to get a chance at Azure, we’ve now expanded Azure to 41 other countries including Australia.  Currency pricing is still in USD, EUR or AUD though.  But I suppose places like Hong Kong are pretty used to converting to USD now anyway. But I digress…

  1. Download the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit (which is very cool)
  2. Configure your local machine
    Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7; Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista

    3.   Download Tools & SDK 

View Windows Azure Sample Application and Code

You can do almost everything except the cloud deployment with the local dev environment for Azure. It works really well and will let you create Azure (Windows Azure, SQL Azure, App Fabric and Codename “Dallas”) apps locally for testing before you deploy them to the cloud.

When you are ready for prime time

Set up your Azure Account

and deploy your world changing Cloud Apps!

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