Travel Woes.

You know if you travel a lot, the law of averages says that you have a higher chance of things going wrong on a trip. For example, getting a bag lost or a missed flight.

Well that happened to me yesterday. I was on my way up to Brissie. My flight from home through Sydney was delayed due to traffic congestion in Sydney. Well, of course this made the connection to my SYD to BNE flight tight.  We were getting off the plane as my other flight was boarding.

I knew it was going to be a bad evening when Qantas parked the plane on the opposite corner of the terminal from where my other plane was boarding. I literally mean opposite. We came in at Gate 1, and my BNE flight left from Gate 13. Those of you that know Sydney airport terminal 2 will know what I mean. So, I do the traveller sprint the length of the terminal.

I get on, and of course no room left for my backpack. So I squish it on top of some other one and hope that it didn’t belong to a big guy with fragile stuff in his bag.

Ok, made the flight, got to BNE and having flown Qantas a lot, I was confident I would arrive without my checked bag. After deplaning, I casually walked to the baggage area, and straight to the baggage service counter. Handed over the bag tag, and yup, bag still on the ground in Sydney.  ‘Par for the course’ I thought.

Now here is were things get frustratingly stupid.

I asked when my bag would arrive, the lady said it would get here on the 8:25pm flight. I said, ok can you deliver my bag to me at the hotel. ‘Uh no, we aren’t doing any more deliveries tonight’. WTF, it’s only 8:30 and it shouldn’t matter. How about customer service. They screwed me and they should make it right. Nope.

“You can wait for it, or we can deliver it about 8am tomorrow.  If you decide to wait I can give you a free coffee voucher.”  me: “Uh yeah, I’ll wait I need the stuff in the bag.” So she gives me the voucher.

Of course all the coffee places down in in the baggage area are closed, after all it’s not like the airport get’s any people after 6, well, except for the couple hundred that come in on the half-dozen or so evening flights.  But I digress…

I got back through security, back up stairs to where the miniscule food court is in BNE airport. Of course every single place is closed by now. (a whole 7:30 oohhh real late). So coffee voucher useless.

Hm, I’m a loyal Qantas flyer, been a gold frequent flyer for many years running, I can just go into the lounge and wait there. I was a bit frustrated by this point.

I go into the lounge and show the guy my boarding pass for the flight i just got off of. I told him I had to wait for my bag to arrive and wanted to sit in here while I waited.  He said “Well, we’re not supposed to do that, this is a departure lounge.” his emphasis as if I didn’t know the difference between departure and arrival. Let me see genius, I am a gold frequent flyer, did you think I got that by not having travelled before? Did you think I didn’t know how this worked?

Anyway, having had enough I walked past him and said over my shoulder “You lost my bag, you can let me sit here while I wait on your mistake.” I heard a fading “Well, we can probably make an exception” I couldn’t resist. “Yes, you will.”

Eventually my bag arrived I collected it and made it to the hotel. Sure everything turned out ok, but what ever happened to customer service? What ever happened to airlines that took care of their passengers that pay exorbitantly high prices so they can keep flying? In this age of reduced air travel they should probably try harder to make sure that the few customers they have left, don’t go somewhere else.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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