Strange Office 2010 Blog Posting

Well, I posted the previous one from OneNote/Word after a lot of messing around with the picture settings. After following documentation red herrings I discovered that I had to supply my own picture hosting service. I had to do this because the MSDN blogs Community Server picture posting system is a freaking mystery.


In any event, I got it to post pictures to my personal web site, and link to them from the blog post. You may or may not be able to see the pics in the previous post. If you do, please tell me. I had to open the link to the pictures in the address bar myself before they would show up in the post.


Also, Word always tells me that it failed to post the submission. Even though the pictures get uploaded to the right location, and they are reachable, and the post shows up on the blog. Word tells me it failed.


Funny, Live Writer was a seamless, wonderful experience. Big Bad Office is a very bad experience so far.'s Beta right. I suppose I shouldn't get my hopes up so high just yet.


We'll see how this post goes since it's pictureless.

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  1. Badboyabout says:

    hi’ya there… yeps picture showed up no problem… thanks for pointing up Onenotes blogging ablity

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