Strange Office 2010 Blog Posting

Well, I posted the previous one from OneNote/Word after a lot of messing around with the picture settings. After following documentation red herrings I discovered that I had to supply my own picture hosting service. I had to do this because the MSDN blogs Community Server picture posting system is a freaking mystery.   …


OneNote as a Blog Writer

I’ve decided to use OneNote as my blog writing tool as I work with OneNote almost daily. It’s an easy way to paste thoughts from what I’m working on into blog posts. With any luck, OneNote will be my one stop editor for just about everything except code… but maybe that is only a step…


From OneNote

I’ve been working through all the new features of Office 2010 and discovered that I can blog from OneNote…. Now THAT is a feature I can abuse. Of course, it means I have to have time to actually post to my blog more. Although with any luck, that will be happening real soon!