Guest appearance of…ME

For some of out Tech Ed Promotion. Jeff Alexander has recorded some Vodcasts/VideoBlogs/Etc.  He did save the best for last of course. Which means that he posted his interview with Me at:  This is probably his best post to date.


Tech Ed 08 Ultimate Expert!!

This year, we’re going to have a competition to find The Ultimate Expert, winner will score the v/cool HP TouchSmart IQ505a. We’ll also give away some HP iPAQ Travel Companions along the way. However, if you ask me, the real prize is being crowned The Ultimate Expert! There are two ways to get involved: Ask…


Security Track Speaker Bits- Tom Hollander

So for our next Speaker Introduction we have Tom Hollander who graciously agreed to give a session at tech Ed after I begged him to share his awesome wisdom around how to create a secure development framework. Bio: Tom Hollander is a Solution Architect in Microsoft’s Solutions Development Centre in Sydney, responsible for driving the…


Threat Modeling – The Bigger Picture

I recently was in a bit of a conversation about Threat Modeling, it’s future, and how it relates to Risk Management. The ensuing thoughts and gyrations in my head produced a bit of a post on how Threat Modeling, is actually 1/2 of a Threat Management process.  Which in itself is a subset of a…


Security Track Speaker Bits – Lee Hickin

As part of the Security Track, I like to get you some personal insight on the speakers we’ll be having.  Lee, being the prompt and studios guy he is has answered some questions for us.  What did you want to be when you grew up? LH > Depends, when I was 5 I wanted to…


Tech Ed 08 Security Track

Well it’s that time of year again. We’re just about to Tech Ed and we’ll into the planning stages.  I have the honor of managing the Security Track again this year.  I thought I’d run my proposed track sessions past you and see what you thought. SPEAKERS Laura Chappell Steve Riley Tom Hollander Mark Curphey…