Threat Modeling Hands On Lab Prizes

Hello everyone!!

Well it's Tech Ed Eve for me.  I'm Ready to head up and Make My Mark!

I wanted you all to know about the Threat Modeling Hands On Lab.  It almost didn't make it but Kyle and Corey from HynesITe did a great job of getting it loaded at the last minute.  So if you see them walking around, thank them! 🙂 

Now here's the good part! I'm going to be giving away some prizes for the first 50 people to complete the Threat Modeling HOL. It's just a small token of my appreciation for you taking the time out to do SEC08 Threat Modeling Hands On Lab!  The first 50 people ( 50 in Australia and 50 in New Zealand). will get a prize.

There is a catch though.  The goodies haven't arrived on site yet.  So I came up with a plan. When you complete HOL SEC08, the attendants will give you one of my business cards.  On the back is a number like AU34, and a code.  Just email me that number and code, and I will mail you one of the prizes as soon as they arrive.  Hopefully they'll be here by the time Tech Ed New Zealand comes along and I'll have them there, but if not, we'll do the same thing in NZ.

Just to set expectations, no the prize is NOT a Zune. Sorry.... But it is something that should help you with your software security efforts.

Just as an FYI, the code on the cards, is in Hex.  I only say this because if you send me the number, if you know it's in hex, then you won't be tempted to think any of the characters are something like L, I or O.

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