Daniel Pearson – Debug Specialist

Some of you may have seen Daniel doing a tour of the User Groups around Australia.  He has been giving talks on how to understand what really causes system crashes, and what all that junk is in a Crash Dump file.  He actually knows what happens to those crash dumps when they get sent to Microsoft. 🙂  Anyway, we talked him into coming to Tech Ed and we even gave him his own Chalk Talk / Cabana session. 

So if you have ever experienced a crash, and want to know how to read the results to find out what's actually happening, or just want to find out what all that stuff means, come talk to Daniel at Tech Ed. If you've been having particular troubles with systems crashing, you can even schedule 1:1 time with him and show him some of your crash dumps so he can de-mystify them for you. 

Take advantage of this oppertunity to talk to one of the foremost experts in figure out 'why things go wrong'.

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