Jesper Johansson At Tech Ed

Well it's been a crazy few weeks for me. But I've managed to get Jesper to agree to come down for Tech Ed.  That makes the list of cool speakers grow to:

Steve Riley

Kai Axford

Jesper Johansson

Corneliu Tusnea

Yours Truly

and more great speakers.

The Security Track is sure to be the best one of the whole show.  I'm starting to get pumped about Tech Ed.  It's just around the corner now and I've been going over the content we'll be having.


Here's a preview of Kai's sessions:

He'll be doing a regular session and a couple cabana sessions so you can ask all the questions you want around computer forensics and investigation.

How'd They Find THAT?: Implementing the New Microsoft Fundamental Computer Investigation Guide for Windows

HR tells you "We think Bob may be storing some illegal files on his machine. We need you to find them." What do you do now? Join us for a unique and interactive presentation as Kai and a special forensics guest star show you the new Investigation Guide. We demonstrate the tools that are discussed in the new manual, and see examples of the more popular forensics tools for Windows. This session is a must-see if you're being asked to run your own internal investigations.

The Fundamental Computer Investigation Guide for Microsoft Windows

If you’re being asked to run—or are currently running—your own internal investigations, this must-attend session is for you! Come speak with the Australian High Tech computer Crime Centre about techniques that you can use during your own internal investigations.

TLC - Securing the Small Business

They've got little money to spend on security, and big demands. Minimal staff and zero tolerance for disaster. The risks aren't reduced because it's a small business. The risk can actually be greater than for a large network. Join us as we look at the unique challenges small businesses face and show you successful methods to help secure them. Securing the small business doesn't need to cost a lot of money!


I'll be posting information about Steve's sessions, as well as sessions from the other speakers over the next few days.  Be sure and check back often and Sign Up for Tech Ed!!  You have 5 more days left to get the Early Bird Discount!!!

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  1. Rocky is in charge of the security track at Tech Ed ANZ this year, and he’s done an awesome job of lining

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