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So, one of my passions in life outside of work is riding bicycles.  I currently have 2 bikes - one is a 2002 Cannondale 900 SL, and the other is a 2000 LiteSpeed Ultimate.  The Cannondale 900 SL is actually a replacement for my beloved Killer V 900 which I raced on through college but was unfortunately stolen from my balcony last year 🙁 

Anyways, to get down to the technical part of this post... I started training with a heartrate monitor about 2 years ago.  It's a Polar 710.  It kinda sucks that I have to use the Polar Software to do everything, because I think it'd be pretty cool to be able to store that data to Pocket PC's, watch computers, and other electronic toys that don't exactly run the Polar Software.  Well, .I took a look at the format they're using to store data.  It's pretty much straight text - there are the recording parameters at the beginning of the file, but then after that it's the periodic data that the monitor takes every time it does a reading. 

I'm going to munge all this into a nice XML file so I can then feed it to other programs for consumption.  Hehe, isn't technology great?  It can make you faster biker...

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  1. Joacim Lindback (joacim.lindback@hiq.se) says:


    There are of course other applications out there that could be used, even Pocket PC app’s. If you would share the format of the data from the Polar 7xx series I would be most greatful…



  2. Kris says:


    There is already an effort to write software that works with Polar. It is the HeartBit project at Sourceforge: "HeartBit is a GPL Java/SuperWaba app to interact with the Polar heartrate monitoring watches. This software is targeted at PalmOS and Windows users. It aims at offering the features found in the Precision Performance app. from Polar."




    You might also try these projects out:

    HRAP: Heart Rate Analysis Program


    The LabVIEW application toolkit for phasic heart rate analysis in psychophysiological research incorporates a variety of tools for offline extraction and analysis of heart rate data.



    HAC4Linux is a bicycle computer application for Linux. This programme is also available for Win32 (HAC4Windows) and MacOSX(HAC4Mac). Supported are different bicycle computers and heart rate monitors by different manufacturers.



    Biosignal Tools



    Several of these tools might be worth watching. To find these I searched Sourceforge.net for the word "heart". You might try searching both Sourceforge.net and Freshmeat.net for "Polar" or "cardiac", or look in their directories under medical apps. Good luck!


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