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All too often I notice that we're slammed by the media as the “evil empire” who doesn't care tenderly for its customers.  I agree that we've made our share of mistakes in the past, but we're really trying very hard to change that misconception.

Here's your chance to help us help all you devs out there with compatibility issues.  We want your feedback!  I know a lot of you have PDC bits and have had a chance to upgrade from V1.0 and V1.1, and I've personally met quite a few of you out there who've come to Redmond for DevLabs or ISV labs.  Just today I got a lot of comments about a quick talk on some of our CLR compatibility efforts I gave at the VSIP Summit.  I'd love more, you know how to contact me 🙂  I also have a question - how would you folk like to be able to discuss compatibility issues you run into with us?  Would a newsgroup dedicated to CLR Compatibility be something you'd like to see?

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Comments (8)

  1. Ferris Beuller says:

    You can shove yer "developer story" you yer rectum as its only for companies and not "developers". Look at WER (watson), its so restricted its only for companies with the money to sign up, wtf are we here for.

    Yous make downloads hard, we have to order "free" CDs that arnt free after we pay Postage when we could simply download an ISO in 15 mins. INGENIUS.

    You alienate developers.

  2. robvi says:

    This is the unfortunately the type of feedback we sometimes get when we want CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

    It would have been more appropriate to simply tell us what you didn’t like about Watson and download programs. It goes without saying I’ll delete any further comments that use this type of foul language.

  3. anon says:

    I think an FAQ area would be a good start. Then add a section for adding new questions, which could/should be devided into 2 sections, answered and unanswered, like maybe.

    Newsgroups suffer from too much noise from trolls like moo/hans/ferris/whateverhecallshimselftomorrow/the.netweblogstroll and from the same questions being repeatedly asked.

  4. Kent Tegels says:

    I’d prefer a mailing list. NNTP isn’t firewall friendly.

  5. CC says:

    The FAQ idea is fantastic especially as MSDN is like a dictionary, it’s okay if you know what you are looking for, otherwise it is of little use – you tend to end up guessing what an appropriate function might be called.

  6. Ferris Beuller says:

    WER is unreachable to normal developers outside companies. Non profit developers cannot acces this because of your requirements (VERSIGN shit).

    Thats quite constructive. Make it so we can use it. Simple logon and password works for the rest of the world why not you? You alienated us non profit developers. I guess you dont want our products on your platform. Way to go. And you just please ignorance by saying..

    "This is the unfortunately the type of feedback we sometimes get when we want CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. "

    Ignorance is bliss with alot of people reconsidering deploying Microsoft, go figure.

    As for the downloads of images, yes that was constructive too, put those images on the web instead of making us pay for postage of CDs that can take 15 mins to download (some of us run fast links to the internet even from home – we all dont live in backward Americass).

    Again, sweep us under the carpet we may go away (probably will to other platforms as they mature).

  7. robvi says:

    Sorry Ferris, I guess what I had meant to say was that I don’t like the cursing. The feedback itself is good, just watch the tone in the future please.

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