Windows Mobile 6.5 is getting Stylish

Check out one of the great new device themes from designer Isaac Mizrahi!


On the technical side of this, we’ve updated memory allocation so that switching Today screens and backgrounds repeatedly does not cause animations to become slower, the background image to become black, or the device to become unresponsive.  This is all good!


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  1. brantolio says:

    This is pretty cool, is there any downside to this approach (like performance)?

  2. Vijay_Visana says:

    this is too short can you pls. shed some light on this?

  3. Hi there!

    I work for an ISV. I’m currently developing a C++ application for smart devices (it must support from Win CE to Win Mobile 6) -my app is not a driver-.

    I’m thinking about testing tools for it.

    I found two: TUX and TUX.Net (the managed version).

    What do you recommed for me?

    -Using TUX? (Does TUX work for non driver unmanaged applications?)

    -Using TUX.Net? (Do I need to write managed wrappers?)

    -How can I integrate any of the test harness (TUX or TUX.Net) with Team System? -Unit test & code coverage-

    Thank u so much!

    Javier Andrés Cáceres Alvis

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