Mobile Architecture Pocket Guide v1.1

Just wanted to let everyone know that version 1.1 of the Mobile Architecture Pocket Guide is now available on CodePlex at  This is the first patterns & practices update to this guide since 2002 so it's a welcome sight to to have it out there for all our Windows Mobile developers.

I've spent the last couple of months working with J.D. Meier, Rabi Satter, Rob Boucher and the rest of the P&P team to tune, tweak and update the new Mobile Architecture Pocket Guide to ensure that it's as accurate and relevant to today's Windows Mobile platform and runtimes as possible.  The guide's chapters include:

  • Ch 01 > Mobile Application Architecture
  • Ch 02 > Architecture and Design Guidelines
  • Ch 03 > Presentation Layer Guidelines
  • Ch 04 > Business Layer Guidelines
  • Ch 05 > Data Access Layer Guidelines
  • Ch 06 > Service Layer Guidelines
  • Ch 07 > Communication Guidelines
  • Ch 08 > Deployment Patterns

Our goal is to empower our Windows Mobile developer community as much as possible, and while this guide may seem like it's targeted exclusively to developers, I ensured that the IT Pro side of the house is accommodated as well.  Mobile infrastructure elements of this guide include System Center Mobile Device Manager (Deployment), SQL Server (Sync Services + Merge), IIS (Web Services + Sync + WCF), Exchange (WCF Store and Forward) and Active Directory (Auth).

Download it, take if for a spin, and give us your feedback so we can keep improving it.

- Rob

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