New Resco MobileForms Release for NETCF

Just in case all you mobile developers didn't hear, Resco has released Volume 3 of their MobileForms Toolkit 2008.

Resco MobileForms Toolkit contains:

  • Resco CustomKeyboard for .NET – flexible control supporting custom keyboard layouts
  • Resco SmartGrid for .NET - powerful grid control with built-in auto edit capabilities
  • Resco AdvancedList for .NET - professional list control suitable for small displays of mobile devices
  • Resco AdvancedTree for .NET - featured tree control excellent for displaying tree-organized data
  • Resco DetailView for .NET - elegant and quick way of creating user input forms
  • Resco CompactChart for .NET - charting control supporting 5 chart types
  • Resco OutlookShortcutBar for .NET - popular shortcut control, common to all modern applications
  • Resco OutlookWeekCalendar for .NET - day/Week appointment scheduling control
  • Resco OutlookMonthCalendar for .NET - month/Year scheduling control
  • Resco OutlookDateTimePicker for .NET - modern version of common control providing advanced styles
  • Resco InkBox for .NET - ink control suitable for quick notes or signatures
  • Resco ImageBox for .NET CF - versatile image control supporting various graphic formats
  • Resco ImageButton for .NET CF - adjustable, modifiable and skinnable button
  • Resco Audio for .NET CF - powerful library for playing and recording audio
  • Resco Zip for .NET - industry standard compression library

For more information about Resco MobileForms Toolkit, visit

Additionally, they'll be at Tech Ed EMEA in Barcelona exhibiting at booth E12 so please check them out to see if their controls meet your mobile development needs.


Comments (2)

  1. says:

    i want to use auto-complete combobox(it should be editable) inside smart can i achieve this for compact frame wor

    .. combobox Column also should be editable ie.a free entry text box. As an when the user enters char by char the most suitable or matching entries of material should come in the drop down automatically.

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