Tech Ed Developers 2008 is less than 2 Weeks Away!

We're now in the home-stretch in our preparations for Tech Ed Developers in Orlando this June.  Since this was my year to run MEDC, I've been working on this event since last October when MCB decided to integrate our Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference into Tech Ed.  My goal has been to make this Tech Ed Developer event as much like the MEDC as possible.  Step one in that process has been to ensure that all our breakout sessions are being delivered by a "Dream Team" of Windows Mobile MVPs, Regional Directors and Microsoft Mobility Experts.  MEDC veterans should regonize the names on this all-star roster:

  • Andy Wigley

  • Dr.Neil Roodyn

  • Nickolas Landry

  • Rabi Satter

  • Loke Uei Tan

  • Doug Boling

  • Maarten Struys

  • Daniel Moth

  • Anoop Gupta

  • Darren Flatt

  • Luis Cabrera-Cordon

  • Dan Fergus

  • Mike Francis

  • Alex Feinman

  • Jim Wilson

  • Peter Foot

  • Paul Yao

  • Alex Yakhnin

  • Darren Shaffer

  • Rob Tiffany

  • Reed Robison

  • Mike Saffitz

  • Vijay Tandra Sistla

  • Ginny Caughey

Nine of the speakers listed above are distinguished Windows Mobile authors so there's no question that we'll be delivering an avalanche of expertise to attendees at the event.  We just finished 2 weeks of dry run rehearsals and everyone is fine tuning their slide decks and demos.

Jim Wilson has created just shy of a dozen hands-on-labs that will take you on deep-dives of our newest technologies at your own pace.  They really look incredible!

At our giant Windows Mobile Pavilion, we'll have technology stations devoted to Visual Studio 2008 for Devices, Silverlight, the Windows Mobile Line of Business Acclerator 2008, and the Device Bar where you can see the latest and greatest devices in action!  I know you're dying to check out the new Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system.

This will be Bill Gates' last keynote address before he moves on to devote all his energies to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation so you don't want to miss this big moment.  The last time we had Bill do a keynote for MEDC was at the Mandalay Bay in 2005 when we launched Windows Mobile 5.0.

If you haven't already registered for this fusion of MEDC and Tech Ed, please do so right away!  Go visit the Tech Ed home page at

I look forward to seeing everyone in Orlando in a couple of weeks!

Best Regards,



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