My New Book is Now Available!

"Windows Mobile Data Synchronization with SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server Compact 3.1" is now available in print!  Those of you in the continental U.S. can just buy it directly from the Hood Canal Press site at and get free ground shipping.  It's on Amazon in the U.S. so you can order it at as well.  At Amazon UK you can find it here  

Go buy it and start building large-scale line of business and consumer applications for Windows Mobile!


Comments (4)

  1. Jeff Wharton says:

    Congrats on the book.  Thoroughly enjoyed reading the drafts and look forward to buying a copy.

  2. Guy Underhill says:

    The first four chapters look great, and i have a client that wants a system using this technology. In the UK, Amazon is going to take at least 2 weeks to send – is there any way i can pay for a full pdf of the book?


  3. Lewis Howell says:

    Just bought the book. A quick read shows it as a perfect solution to my small scale application. The step-by-step setup is well worth the $25 USD I spent.

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