Windows Mobile Partner Summit Day 1

The Windows Mobile Partner Summit is going great and the event looks to be twice as big as last year.  It's always nice to reconnect with our partner community.  Steve Hegenderfer was kind enough to allow me to bring my rack of servers to his event.  This time, I have a much lighter, 24U half rack which is much easier to move around.  At the Dev Connections conference, I used a new stress test designed to push the number of row changes per sync.  At that event, I used 300 concurrent Subscribers to perform 23,330 syncs per hour and make changes to 7,000,000 rows per hour.  Each complete row change consisted of 116 bytes of data which meant I changed and replicated 812 MB of data per hour.

This time around I decided to double the number of concurrent Subscribers to 600.  Keep in mind that each Subscriber is equivalant to a Windows Mobile device.  I used 6 servers running 100 Subscribers each to create client load, 3 load-balanced IIS servers, and a separate SQL Server Distributor and Publisher.  With 600 concurrent Subscribers contending for resources, I managed to perform 22,401 syncs per hour which is slightly fewer syncs than I saw when running only 300 Subscribers back in Vegas.  The important story here is that I almost doubled the number of rows I changed and replicated per hour:

  • Rows changed:  13,440,600 per hour  |  322,574,400 per day

  • Data replicated:  1.45 GB per hour  |  34.8 GB per day

Just like in Vegas, the IIS and SQL Servers where just chilling out throughout this test:

  • IIS1: CPU: 7%  |  Mem: 188 MB  |  Network Utilization: .69%
  • IIS2: CPU: 8%  |  Mem: 187 MB  |  Network Utilization: .88%
  • IIS3: CPU: 5%  |  Mem: 185 MB  |  Network Utilization: .95%
  • SQL Distributor: CPU: 5%  | Mem: 994 MB  |  Network Utilization: .77%
  • SQL Publisher: CPU: 36%  |  Mem: 4.11 GB  |  Network Utilization: 1%

This is truly incredible and further proves that SQL Server 2005 + SQL Server Compact 3.1 + Merge Replication is the most powerful data sync technology on the market today.

- Rob

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