Wine Review :: July 2007

Below are my reviews of a variety of wines from the last wine tasting event I attended:

  • Canon de Sol 2003 Meritage - 89 (good legs, fruity, good nose)

  • Rodney Strong 2003 Cabernet - 87 (light taste that dies at the end, medium legs, good nose)

  • Mount Veeder 2003 Cabernet - 89 (Big Cab, good nose, good legs)

  • Kamiak 2003 Cabernet Merlot - (bitter - 1 aspirin, medium legs, so-so nose)

  • Provenance Rutherford 2004 Cabernet - (Big, slightly bitter - 1/2 aspirin, so-so nose, good legs)

Disclaimer:  While my ratings may influence your decision, the final judgment is yours alone. It's important to remember that everyone has a different palate and different preferences, so basing your wine purchases on my ratings may not garner the perfect wine match for your tastes.  I won't give a rating to wines that aren't to my liking.

- Rob

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