Tech Ed 2007 Orlando Day 5

Houston, we have liftoff!

After wrapping up our final day at Tech Ed 2007 Orlando, Vivian, Loke, Dan and I drove out to Titusville, Fla to watch the launch of space shuttle Atlantis.  This was definitely a once in a lifetime moment for me as I felt an unprecedented level of excitement and pride.  It's truly amazing what can be accomplished when you combine a free society like the United States with intelligence, vision, and determination. 

Take on big challenges and see them through to the end!

The morning before the launch, I delivered my presentation on "Accelerating Mobile Line of Business Development."  This is the same presentation that I'm delivering all over the world in Las Vegas, Sydney, Christchurch, Beijing, and Berlin.  I walk users through the Mobile Line of Business Solution Accelerator that is downloadable from the Microsoft Download site and is available with the Windows Mobile 6 SDK.

The 5 days of Tech Ed 2007 in Orlando have been truly rewarding as I've been able to convey my messages around mobile line of business and mobile replication to a whole new audience.  We'll see you next year!


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