Windows Mobile 6 Line of Business Integration

In the beginning, Windows Mobile could sync a Pocket Access database with Access on the desktop over ActiveSync.  Today, the Swiss Army Knife of Integration that is Windows Mobile 6 can communicate with almost anything.  Windows Mobile 6 can communicate directly with any enterprise package or hosted service that supports Web Services, HTTP (Name/Value Pairs | REST | POX), ADO.NET or Sockets as long as it can be reached via Cradle, WLAN, or WWAN.


Leveraging a mature network and security infrastructure along with the Microsoft server stack, Windows Mobile 6 can further extend its reach as shown in the diagram above.  It can use Remote Data Access or Merge Replication to synchronize data with SQL Server.  That same data can be synched with Oracle via Transactional Replication.  The same Exchange Active Sync technology that facilitates push email, allows Windows Mobile 6 to access UNC shares and SharePoint documents.  Utilizing BizTalk 2006 Adapters allows Windows Mobile 6 to integrate with enterprise packages such as SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and countless others while providing Single Sign-On.

The big takeaway from all this is that Windows Mobile 6 is a line of business development platform with no equal in the mobile device space.  Whether you're looking to build a point solution or a comprehensive system that utilizes BizTalk to aggregate multiple enterprise packages; Windows Mobile 6, Visual Studio 2005, and the Microsoft server stack will take you there.  Make sure and join me for an in-depth discussion of this topic at Tech Ed 2007 in Orlando.


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