Mini Me MEDC in NZ

The travelling MEDC team of Derek Snyder, Mike Hall and myself found ourselves fogged-in while trying to leave Sydney for our 8:30 AM flight to Christchurch, New Zealand.  With a late-afternoon MEDC start time, you can imagine our increasing stress level as our flight didn't get airborne until 1:30 PM with a 3 hour flight time and a 2 hour time zone change.  Luckly, the tardy trio of All Blacks arrived and pulled off a great event for all the mobile and embedded Kiwi's in attendance.  We were excited to see the disproportionate number of embedded developers with respect to the population of New Zealand.

We've been told that Christchurch is the Silicon Valley of New Zealand and that proved to be true as we had the priviledge of meeting with innovative local hardware and software companies.  We also got to go to the top of the Port Hills for a spectacular view of Christchurch, the Southern Alps and the rim of the Lyttelton volcano crater.

New Zealand is a beautiful place that none of us will soon forget.


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