Remember the hundreds of Console apps running on the servers that I've been using to stress test SQL Server?  I ported the server code to the .NET Compact Framework in less than a day and now I have a stress tester for mobile merge replication.  SyncMobile is designed to pound away at a Merge Replication infrastructure via wireless and the device shown below and nine of his friends will be on hand at the “Enterprise Mobility in Action” booth at MEDC 2007 to let our customers see it for themselves.  It even keeps running stats of the high, low, and average sync times.

And yes, it's replicating the 70 MB AdventureWorksDW database that comes with SQL Server 2005.  It's storing the encrypted database on a MicroSD card.  BTW, this mobile app was built with Microsoft's Mobile Line of Business Accelerator as a foundation which helped speed up the process immensely since I have to spend most of my time being a Product Manager and not a developer.


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