SharpDevelop 2.1 – the latest WiX UI Editor

I was cleaning out some old mail messages and came across this tidbit of information that several people sent me.  SharpDevelop 2.1 now supports the WiX toolset.  At the same time, I noticed that SharpDevelop 2.1 moved to WiX to build its setup packages.  I took a quick scan through their MSI and it looks like a very well authored WiX v2 package.  They even use the standard UI and NGEN CustomActions provided by the WiX toolset.  Very nicely done.

SharpDevelop joins WiXEDIT and WiXTool as another freely available UI for editing .wxs files.  I'll stick to Votive (for Intelli-sense) and notepad2 (for quick edits with syntax highlighting) but those of you looking for a UI might find one of those three tools interesting.  At least until we convince Visual Studio to support the WiX toolset.  <smile/>

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  1. rnorman says:

    Another vote to replace the setup projects with WiX here too. Hey what can I say, I don’t fully understand WiX, but the idea is way better than what is there today.

    By the way, are there any videos or tutorials that walk through creating the WiX files or how Votive works exactly? The Channel9 video ( ) was great. More of those would be good.

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