Thursday Night "Deployment Dinner Discussions" with Carolyn Napier.

Tonight Jenny and I hosted our second Thursday Night "Deployment Dinner Discussion". Our guests were Carolyn Napier and Steve Lesser.

Actually, it isn't that simple. You see, I have been meaning to invite Carolyn over for to see my house for about 3 years now (as long as I've lived here). On top of that, Carolyn and Steve just got married so Carolyn's last name won't be Napier for much longer. Although, she'll probably always be Carolyn Napier to me.

You see, Carolyn and I were interns together on the Windows Installer team back in 1998. Carolyn was there when I came back with the most heinous sunburn after a June snowboarding trip to Whistler. Carolyn was there when Orca was created. And, as she very much likes to remind me, Carolyn was there when I sent email to Bill Gates suggesting that more investment was needed software installation.

Carolyn is now the lead of the Windows Installer team. If you start counting from her first internship, she has probably been on the Windows Installer for a decade. As you would expect, Carolyn is the absolute authority on why the Windows Installer works the way it does. When I get stuck, I go talk to Carolyn.

Carolyn and I are also friends, so sometimes I just go talk to Carolyn. Tonight we talked about today's Company Meeting (I'll share some thoughts later). We talked about Derek's leaving Microsoft, Carolyn was his lead. We talked about the current events in the Microsoft flag football league. We talked about Steve's and Carolyn's recent wedding and honeymoon. We even talked about an ESPN sportscaster (I forget his name) who was praising the efforts of Occupational Therapy after his aneurism (Jenny enjoyed that part). All of this over Jenny's super tasty burritos and, for dessert, pumpkin muffins.

All in all, a very enjoyable evening. I already have another Thursday Night "Deployment Dinner Discussion" lined up for October in Edmonds, WA. As always, if you're visiting the Redmond/Seattle area and would like to sit down to talk setup, drop me a comment via my blog.

Until then, keep coding. You know I am.

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  1. Christopher Painter says:

    Note to Carolyn: Write a Book 🙂

    Rob has discussed in prior posts that the MSI documentation in the Platform SDK is about the how not the why.  This rest of us would love to know the why also.

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