This then this then this. What am I still doing here?

First, I see this. Then I'm skimming my RSS backlog and see this that points at this.

This isn't the first time but it is the most recent occasion to pause me a moment and wonder, "What am I still doing here?"

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  1. BlakeHandler says:

    Personal satisfaction and happiness in life are “supposed” to come from your family & friends. Y

    our work is supposed to be challenging and pay you well – any thing else is great, but should NOT be expected. Chasing a new job will NOT bring you the joy you seek.

  2. AJ says:

    It’s funny that you post this.  My last day with my current company is this friday (8/11).  As a semi-frequent poster to your blog, I’ll wait to tell you who I am leaving and why.  Since I fell my opinions are unbiased I wanted them to remain that way when other people read them as well.  You’re a talented guy Rob, good luck if you decide to start on your own.

  3. sr says:

    OK. Feel free to ignore the first poster.  Here are some nice articles that’ll help you examine where you currently are and may help you decide where you want to be:

    I recently quit my job — have some $ saved up, and still deciding on what to do next…

    BTW, why not write a book for developers like Scott Berkun is doing for Project Management.

    Watching him [Scott] here is pretty cool, especially the way he promotes his book:

  4. Leon Zandman says:

    And I’m starting on a new job on September 1. Really! 🙂

  5. AJ says:

    In response to BlakeHandler:

    Wow, I couldn’t disagree more.  If that were true, then we would all be Neuro-Surgeons since it is both challenging and pays well.  If I didn’t enjoy what I was doing and didn’t like my work environment, I would be gone in a heartbeat no matter how rewarding or challenging it is.  

    You must be a sad, sad man.


    Blake just knows if you start your own company, you’ll quit updating your blog and only have one and two sentence entries to explain how busy you are to everyone.

  6. I’ve held 8 positions for 4 different employers ( really 5, I dated one employer twice ) in the last 10 years.  I can say it’s a real great way of gaining different perspectives and getting the compensation that you deserve.   If I had to eat the same dog food year after year, I’d go crazy.

  7. Speaking of "what am I doing here" …. I just jumped the ship and gave my 2 weeks notice again.   So make that 9 positions with 5/6 employers.  

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