Thursday Night "Deployment Dinner Discussions" with Rob Mensching.

Over the last couple months, I have been trying to come up with new ways to connect with the software installation community. A couple weeks ago, I presented my first idea to Jenny. The idea was to invite people over for dinner at our house to eat, sit, and talk. Jenny agreed and last night…


Creative Commons Add-in’s Office XP PIA – Conditioning the Office XP PIAs – Part 1

Previously I described how the Office XP PIA install detected what parts of Office XP were installed. There are two places that the detection information is used and there are weaknesses in both places that we’ll discuss. In this blog entry we’ll take a look at the first place the detection logic is used. The…


This then this then this. What am I still doing here?

First, I see this. Then I’m skimming my RSS backlog and see this that points at this. This isn’t the first time but it is the most recent occasion to pause me a moment and wonder, “What am I still doing here?”


Blogging from the outside.

Jenny talked me into going shopping for patio furniture today. I was skeptical. There isn’t a lot of space on our deck upstairs. I wasn’t sure how well a table, four chairs and an umbrella would fit. That and I was thinking it would be more cost effective to go shopping at the end of…