WiX v2 Manual Online

Just a short post here to point out some of Fredrik Grohn's latest handiwork. If you look on the right of the WiX toolset website, you'll see a new link called Manual (WiX 2.0). That's an online version of the content in the WiX.chm. Eventually, a Manual (WiX 3.0) will show up.

Now that the build process is generating the web site for each weekly build, you'll see more content showing up on the web site now.

Comments (5)

  1. WWs Blog says:

    Robert Mensching writes in a post that WiX has an online manual for version 2 and that eventually a manual…

  2. WiX v2 オンラインマニュアル公開

  3. Gary says:

    Did you know that http://gauss.dynalias.net/wix/wixfaq.htm has been down for a while. I havent been able to access the FAQ for the last week. BUt I’ve only been trying for a week since that’s how long I’ve known about Wix.

  4. Gary, yes, I noticed the FAQ went down a couple weeks ago and just kinda’ hoped it would come back.  Doesn’t seem likely now… sadly, it appears our ownly option is to remove the reference to the dead page from our web site.

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