Biking here to there.

Redmond to WoodinvilleIt's that time of year again. The sun shines out at least as much as the rain comes down. The roads are no longer perpetually slick and it isn't dark before 6 PM every day. All of that means, I can safely break out my Pearl Marin Highway One and start biking again.

Yes, I am a fair weather biker. I'm okay with that. Over the winter, I try to keep somewhat slim by snowboarding but it just doesn't work as well as the 15 mile trek from home to work and back two to three times a week. Hills both ways. Good stuff.

On the weekends and some afternoons when I don't bike to work, I like to take trips from home to Woodinville and back. The picture above is a not-to-scale map at the park in Woodinville where I turn around. The map is carved into the cement and shows the set of trails that span from Issaquah all the way to downtown Seattle. During the summer, I like to think about each of my trips preparing me for the ride from Redmond to Seattle. It's not that Redmond to Seattle is a hard ride but thinking about it gives me a goal to work towards.

Maybe one day, I'll psych up for the Seattle to Portland (STP) Ride. For now, I'll just stick to my RTW Ride.

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